Apple Vision Pro Review: A Headset Worth To Dump The Savings

Are you wondering if the Apple Vision Pro is a game-changer or another pricey gadget? This $3,499 headset dives into “spatial computing,” where your digital life meets augmented reality.

Our in-depth Apple Vision Pro review peels back the layers to reveal whether it’s a wise investment for work, entertainment, and beyond. Discover if this is the tech splurge that changes everything.

Apple Vision Pro Review
Apple Vision Pro Review – Image Credits: Apple

Key Takeaways of Apple Vision Pro Review

  • The Apple Vision Pro headset is a new tech device that costs $3,499 and offers a mix of augmented reality and personal computing.
  • It comes with hand and eye-tracking features, a high-quality display for movies and games, and works well in different light settings.
  • The headset has an M2 chip for fast processing but only lasts about two to four hours on a battery charge before recharging.
  • Users can control the device with gestures and see apps in 3D around them, making work and play more interactive.
  • Though expensive, it’s built with sturdy materials like magnesium and carbon fiber, setting it apart from other VR headsets.
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  • Apple releases beta versions of iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, and macOS Sonoma 14.4.
  • iOS 18 Update: AI Features, Beta, Release Date, And Rumors
  • More details in our Apple Vision Pro review:

Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro arrives in a sleek white box with the familiar logo. Opening it feels like an event to thrill tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers.

  • Inside the box lies the headset, cradled in precision-cut foam for protection.
  • You’ll find a pair of high-tech controllers, one for each hand, underneath the top layer.
  • A USB-C cable and charging brick are included to power up your device.
  • The package also contains a quick start guide that makes setting up simple.
  • For added comfort, Apple provides interchangeable facial interface pads.
  • They include a cleaning cloth to protect your lenses from smudges and fingerprints.
  • Look closer, and you’ll discover a small digital crown controller similar to the Apple Watch.
  • Safety instructions rest at the bottom of the box; read them before diving in.
  • Apple throws in a few stickers, giving you a personal touch for your new gear or other belongings.
  • Last, there’s an information booklet about warranty and customer support.
A Quick Apple Vision Pro Review by MKBHD on YouTube

Apple Vision Pro Review: Features

Diving into the heart of innovation, the Apple Vision Pro emerges as a marvel in wearable tech—think of it as your portable universe where every interaction feels intuitive and every visual leap to life.

We’re about to unpack how this headset’s top-tier features redefine personal computing and immersive entertainment, far surpassing expectations.

Superior user interface

The Apple Vision Pro takes control to the next level. You get to use natural hand and eye movements to play games, flip through apps, or watch movies. Imagine selecting a movie just by looking at it—this headset makes it a breeze! Setting up is super easy, too.

First, you personalize an avatar with a Persona setup; then, eye-tracking prepares everything for action.

Interacting with the digital world feels more real than ever. No extra gear is needed; your hands are your controllers. Swipe through photos and pinch to zoom – all without touching a thing.

This user interface isn’t just fantastic; it’s cutting-edge magic that brings virtual reality into your living room like never before!

High-quality picture

Apple Vision Pro takes movie watching to a whole new level. Imagine slipping on the headset and diving into cinema-quality 3D films. It’s like having a personal IMAX theater with sharp images that make every scene pop.

You’ll see details you’ve never noticed, all from the comfort of your couch.

The device brings Apple TV and other giants into your private viewing space. Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and even live NBA games jump out in full 3D glory. It means every slam dunk or explosion feels like it’s happening right before you.

Next, let’s explore the range of applications available for this game-changing gadget.

A broad range of applications

The Vision Pro is not just for games and movies. It’s a tool that can change how we work, learn, and play. Imagine floating app windows around you, arranging them in the air with a flick of your fingers.

Schools could use it to show 3D models in science class. Doctors might practice surgeries without touching a natural body. You can watch Apple TV Plus or see your friends on FaceTime in a whole new way.

With this headset, the future of computing looks exciting. The possibilities seem endless as you move beyond the screen into mixed reality spaces. It feels like stepping into tomorrow, where apps come alive around you, and interaction goes beyond clicks and swipes.

Now, let’s dive into the design and comfort of wearing the Vision Pro.

Advanced computing power

Apple Vision Pro packs a punch with its M2 chip—the same one you’ll find in the latest MacBook Air and iPad Pro. This means excellent speed for all those complex tasks. Think smooth, no-lag virtual worlds, and quick avatar creation.

With this kind of muscle, your VR experience feels impressively real-time.

The micro-OLED displays in Vision Pro give you 4K vision for each eye. Thanks to HDR tech, colors pop, details sharpen, and everything looks incredible; it’s like having two tiny super TVs right in front of your eyes! And it’s all powered by the M2 chip’s advanced computing strength—bringing top-notch visuals straight to your headset without breaking a sweat.

Detailed Apple Vision Pro Review

Apple Vision Pro Review
Apple Vision Pro Review

Dive headfirst into the heart of innovation with our in-depth analysis of the Apple Vision Pro; we’ll explore every curve, pixel, and feature to determine whether this is just another gadget or a game-changing device.

From its sleek design that hugs your contours like a bespoke suit to the retina-pleasing display that thrusts you into other worlds—prepare for an unfiltered take on tech’s newest titan.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Design and Comfort

The Apple Vision Pro cuts a sleek figure with its high-tech magnesium, carbon fiber, and aluminum blend. It feels sturdy yet familiar in your hands, like holding a piece of the future crafted to fit perfectly into the present.

The headband and cushions are designed to distribute the headset’s weight comfortably across your head. This reduces pressure points, making it more comfortable for long play sessions or movie marathons.

However, at 600 to 650 grams, some may find the Vision Pro on the heavier side for a VR headset. But once you’re immersed in that vibrant MicroOLED display simulating a substantial 27-inch screen right before your eyes, any awareness of weight tends to melt away.

If you want an even better audio experience without disturbing others, sync up your AirPods effortlessly for private listening while diving into different worlds.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Display Quality

Display Quality

The Vision Pro dazzles with a virtual 27-inch Retina display. It makes everything look crisp and vibrant thanks to a 2560 x 1440 resolution. Your eyes feast on streaming videos in stunning 4K clarity, showing images so lifelike, it’s like you’re there.

With such high-quality visuals, the Apple Vision Pro brings movies, games, and photos to life.

Colors pop on this headset screen. They are bright and accurate to life across every inch of the display. This creates an immersive experience that’s hard to beat. Watching a movie or playing a game is breathtaking, with details sharp enough to make every scene feel real.

Eye and Face Tracking

Moving from the vibrant display, Apple Vision Pro’s eye and face-tracking capabilities take interactivity to new heights. The headset follows your gaze and expressions with precision.

This means games and apps feel more natural as they respond to where and how you look. It’s like the characters can see you reacting.

The Persona feature adds another layer of realism by letting you scan your face to create a personal avatar. You can use this avatar in FaceTime, Zoom, or other chat apps. With Apple Vision Pro, your digital self looks and acts like you do in real life!

Audio Features

The Apple Vision Pro headset brings sound to life with its spatial audio feature. Imagine hearing music and effects swirling around you like in real life. This tech uses the room’s size and shape to make the audio feel alive.

You get top-notch sound right out of the box with the built-in speakers. They are clear and loud.

Love your AirPods Pro? Plug them into the Vision Pro for an even more private listening party. Together, they create a bubble of sound that’s all yours. No matter how you listen, whether through speakers or AirPods, Apple ensures every beep, song, and voice sounds just right.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Battery Life

Apple Vision Pro Review: Battery Life
Apple Vision Pro Review: Battery Life – Image Credits: Apple

Battery life on the Apple Vision Pro is something to think about. You get only about two hours of use before it needs a recharge. That’s pretty short if you plan to dive into longer virtual experiences or movies.

But there’s some good news – an external battery pack comes with it, giving you around two and a half hours more fun time. If that’s not enough, extra batteries are sold separately, so you can swap them out and keep going.

You should know this headset won’t last all day without plugging in. Its significant power source drains quickly because of the high-tech features packed inside. Still, those couple of hours you do get are full of top-notch computing power and crystal-clear visuals that make every minute count.

Remember to charge up if you’re looking forward to a lengthy gaming session or movie marathon!

Standout Features of Apple Vision Pro

Dive headfirst into a world where the Apple Vision Pro is not just another headset—it’s an experience. Its standout features push boundaries, offering us a taste of tech’s future today—get ready to explore what makes it extraordinary.

Spatial Computing Introduction

Apple Vision Pro Review
Apple Vision Pro Review

With its spatial computing tech, the Apple Vision Pro is entering the future. Imagine apps floating around you, mixing with your real-world surroundings. That’s what this headset is all about.

You can work, play, and explore in ways you never could before. It turns your room into a space where the digital and physical blend seamlessly.

Let’s talk about interacting with this mixed reality. With the Vision Pro, you no longer tap or swipe on a flat screen. Your hands reach out to move and control apps that hang in the air like magic.

It’s like grabbing onto holograms! This isn’t just new; it’s a leap forward for computers everywhere.

Hand Occlusion

Moving from spatial computing, let’s talk about hand occlusion. This is where Apple Vision Pro shines. As you interact with virtual objects, your hands can block or touch things like in the real world.

No more ghostly digits passing through digital items! It feels natural and smooth.

Apple built a system that lets the headset track your hands precisely. When you reach out to grab something in VR, the sensors see your hands and make sure they look right on the screen.

This tech sets Vision Pro apart from others and shows its advanced features. You can use your hands freely without worrying about breaking the illusion of being in another place!

Immersive Environments

The Apple Vision Pro takes you into new worlds with its immersive environments feature. Slide the headset on, and it’s like stepping through a portal. The high-quality display wraps around you, giving an endless field of views.

Trees in a virtual forest seem to sway within arm’s reach, and cities in 3D videos tower above just as they would in real life.

With advanced eye tracking, every glance shifts the scene naturally. It reacts to where you’re looking, making digital interactions smooth and intuitive. Imagine exploring an art gallery where each painting comes alive as your eyes move across them.

With spatial audio complementing the visual experience, sounds shift and change like in the real world – planes fly overhead, and whispers come over your shoulder.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Performance Analysis

Apple Vision Pro Review - Young Steve Jobs is Wearing Apple Vision Pro (Illustration)
Apple Vision Pro Review – Young Steve Jobs is Wearing Apple Vision Pro (Illustration)

Dive into the heart of the Apple Vision Pro’s prowess—let’s see how this tech marvel holds its ground in mixed lighting, its response to your cinematic endeavors, and if it genuinely levels up your gaming realities.

It’s time to put this device through its paces and uncover whether it can walk the high-tech talk.

How it performs under different lighting conditions

The Apple Vision Pro shines in any light, day or night. Its infrared floodlights make sure it works well even when it’s dark. You won’t have to worry about where you use it; the performance stays top-notch.

Sometimes, bright lights can cause a glare on the EyeSight display. But don’t fret! The passthrough cameras keep everything looking clear without much change in quality. Remember to give your eyes a break after using it, especially in different lighting.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Photo and video quality

Apple Vision Pro captures photos and videos with impressive quality. Its 4K-resolution-per-eye MicroOLED displays produce images that are bright, colorful, and full of detail. The video processing stays sharp even in low light or when the sun is too bright.

The dynamic range shines through every shot.

The headset renders scenes beautifully by focusing on where your eyes look most, thanks to foveated rendering. This tech makes everything seem more precise and lifelike without wasting power on what’s out of focus.

Next up: How does this device handle games? Let’s dive into the gaming experience!

Apple Vision Pro Review: Gaming experience

As you marvel at the Vision Pro’s photo and video clarity, it’s time to dive into games. The headset brings 3D magic to favorites like Synth Riders and Bloons TD 6. You will feel right in the middle of the action with lifelike graphics.

But this might not be your first pick if you’re after hardcore VR gaming.

The Vision Pro shines for casual play and entertainment. Think of kicking back with Cut the Rope 3 in a virtual living room. It lacks heavy-duty VR games or fitness apps at launch, but watching movies or exploring spatial videos is pure joy on this device.

For gamers wanting more depth, patience is vital as the app store grows its collection for the Apple Vision Pro review crowd seeking immersive thrills.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Comparison with Other Headsets

In our deep dive into the Apple Vision Pro, we’ll reveal how it stacks up against contenders like the Quest series—stay tuned to discover if Apple’s latest marvel truly outshines its competition.

What sets it apart from Quest and other devices

Apple Vision Pro dazzles with its MicroOLED displays, piling up 23 million pixels. This makes everything look super sharp, and colors pop like you wouldn’t believe. You can see the difference when you play games or watch movies.

It’s like having a high-end TV right on your face! Plus, the device feels more high-tech than others because it has an M2 processor and that cool R1 spatial coprocessor.

This headset doesn’t just look good; it’s built tough, too. Vision Pro stands out from crowd favorites like Quest and Meta devices with materials like magnesium, carbon fiber, and aluminum.

The design is sleek but familiar for Apple fans – it fits right in with your iPhone or MacBook Pro. And those multiple fans? They keep things cool under pressure so you can game or work without some headsets’ overheating issues.

Superiority in terms of pixel density

The Apple Vision Pro packs a visual punch with its MicroOLED displays. Picture this: 23 million pixels in front of your eyes. Colors pop, details are sharp, and everything looks crystal clear.

It’s like having the best movie seat every time you put on the headset.

You won’t miss a thing with this kind of pixel density. The virtual screen mimics a 27-inch Retina display, making it feel like you’re working on a high-end monitor. Plus, when streaming video to the Vision Pro, you get 4K quality that’s just unbeatable by other headsets.

Apple Vision Pro Review: VisionOS

Diving into the digital brains of the headset, VisionOS promises to meld the familiar with the futuristic, offering a seamless experience that feels like an extension of your favorite Apple devices—stay tuned to discover how it redefines interaction in virtual space.

Similarities and differences with iOS

VisionOS feels like meeting a distant cousin of iOS, familiar yet unique. Your iCloud account can sync photos, notes, and Safari bookmarks. The AirDrop feature and Files app at your fingertips is handy – just like on an iPhone 15 Pro.

Responding to messages is easy, too; it works the same way as your Apple device.

But don’t expect a mirror image of iOS here. VisionOS left out some features you might miss from your phone or iPad. There’s no Screen Time to track how long you’re in virtual worlds.

Also, FaceTime isn’t available for video calls with friends or family while using the Vision Pro headset. These differences show that VisionOS carved its path in Apple’s ecosystem without copying everything from its sibling software.

App availability and compatibility

The Apple Vision Pro brings your favorite apps right to your eyes. With VisionOS, you can easily access photos, notes, and Safari bookmarks. Imagine flipping through your snapshots or checking off a to-do list in full 3D — it’s all here.

You won’t miss a beat with Messages either; send texts without taking the headset off.

Transferring files is a breeze with AirDrop and the Files app. Like on an iPhone, move documents from other Apple gadgets straight onto the Vision Pro. Though it lacks FaceTime directly within its system, starting video calls is still simple with the People toggle feature that connects to contacts seamlessly.

Adjusting windows and using multiple 3D apps simultaneously offers a productive and flexible workspace that feels like magic – courtesy of advanced hand and eye gestures controlling every move.

Apple Vision Pro Review: The Apple Vision Pro Experience

Step into a world where your living room transforms into a personal cinema, and memories come to life before your eyes; the Apple Vision Pro promises an experience that redefines reality—keep reading to see how it delivers.

User experience in different scenarios, such as personal cinema and a memory machine

Turn down the lights and slip on the Apple Vision Pro—it’s time for a movie night. With this headset, you’re not just watching; you’re stepping inside your favorite films.

The 3D experience beats any phone or laptop screen, making it feel like you can reach out and touch the characters. Imagine sitting on the moon’s surface while watching a space odyssey or feeling like you’re standing at courtside during an NBA game—the Vision Pro makes it all possible.

Transport yourself to family vacations and precious moments using the memory machine feature of Vision Pro. Panoramic photos come alive as if you were there again. These aren’t just flat images; they wrap around you, filling your periphery with memories in vivid detail.

You control how deep into these experiences you dive with a twist of the digital crown—blend reality with reminiscence seamlessly.

Ready to step into professional applications? Let’s explore how Vision Pro is changing workspaces next.

Interface and interaction with digital content

The Vision Pro transforms personal cinema into an interactive adventure. Controls are simple, with hand and eye gestures letting you pick and play effortlessly in your virtual space.

There is no need for a remote – wave your hand or glance to dive into games, movies, or work apps.

VisionOS shines by offering resizable windows among 3D applications, meaning multitasking feels natural, like on a computer. Imagine dragging files and videos around with a mere flick of your fingers against stunning 4K micro-OLED displays that make everything pop.

The future unfolds as you control the digital world without touching a screen.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Cost Analysis

Diving into the cost analysis of the Apple Vision Pro, we’ll scrutinize whether its hefty price tag truly reflects a new era in tech indulgence or if your wallet is destined for unnecessary heartache—stay with us to uncover the value behind these dollars.

Retail Price

The Apple Vision Pro isn’t cheap—it starts at $3,499 for the primary 256GB model. If you want more space to store all your apps and immersive videos, be ready to pay even more. The price jumps to $3,699 for 512GB and $3,899 for a whopping 1TB storage.

Think about this: you could grab an iPhone 15 Pro Max and an 11-inch iPad Pro for the same amount of cash and still have money left over.

Choosing the Vision Pro also means considering extra costs. You might need special lenses that fit your eyesight or a sturdy case to keep it safe when you’re on the go. And don’t forget about AppleCare Plus—if you want peace of mind against accidents or glitches with your shiny new headset, that’s another expense added to your bill.

So, while the Vision Pro might be top-of-the-line in tech, ensure its price tag fits your world before diving in.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Value for money

Stepping up from the retail price, evaluating the Apple Vision Pro’s worth comes down to more than just dollars and cents. At $3,499, this headset is not a casual purchase. It boasts features like hand and eye tracking that put it at the forefront of immersive technology, but users have to weigh its cutting-edge capabilities against their budget.

With only about two hours of battery life on a single charge, frequent users might find themselves tethered to an outlet more often than they’d like. Considering other devices in your tech arsenal last longer, think carefully if this aligns with what you expect from a premium product.

Despite its sky-high cost, remember that high-quality experiences and exclusive Vision Pro apps could justify the investment for true tech enthusiasts looking for the next big thing in computing and entertainment.

Maintenance and potential additional costs

The Vision Pro isn’t just a one-time purchase. Owning this device means shelling out more cash for extras. Think about protection and longevity; you’ll want to get AppleCare Plus, which adds more dollars to your tab.

And those with glasses? Prescription lenses are another must-have that hit the wallet hard.

Accessories pack on even more expenses. A carrying case shields your investment from wear and tear while on the move, bumping up the total cost even higher. Remember that these aren’t optional if you care about safeguarding your headset—each one is essential for maintaining the slick operation of your Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro in Practical Use

Diving into the real-world implications, the Apple Vision Pro isn’t just a shiny new gadget—it’s redefining productivity and healthcare as we know it. Picture architects crafting 3D models with a mere flick of their fingers or doctors performing remote surgeries; this headset turns science fiction into everyday reality.

Use in professional settings.

The Apple Vision Pro shines in professional settings. You can track your eyes and face to interact with virtual avatars for meetings or presentations. It’s easy to switch between apps, take notes, and browse Safari bookmarks, thanks to the familiar VisionOS system tied to iCloud accounts.

Are multiple apps open at once in a virtual space? No problem. The headset handles multitasking like a pro.

Professionals will love how it connects as an extra-wide monitor to Macs using Mac Virtual Display. This turns any workspace into an advanced computing setup with room for all your projects.

Let’s explore what happens when you run emulators on the Vision Pro.

The potential of emulators in Vision Pro

Emulators unlock a whole new world on the Vision Pro. Imagine playing classic video games right in front of your eyes, with no console needed. This headset taps into a vast library of old-school favorites without leaving the couch.

It’s like having every game system built into one sleek device.

With VisionOS, multitasking is a breeze. Users can instantly switch from work apps to emulating their favorite RPG – all within resizable windows that simplify customization.

Apple’s ecosystem lets you pull in content through AirDrop or the Files app, blending the past and present for endless digital adventures.

The health sector’s investment in Vision Pro

Hospitals and clinics are starting to use Vision Pro. Doctors can look at 3D scans of hearts and brains with it. They wear the headset and see things differently, which helps them understand more before surgery.

This could make operations safer and help patients heal faster.

The Vision Pro lets doctors work with many apps simultaneously, just like on a computer but in a virtual space. Imagine a surgeon using real-time data during an operation or medical students learning about human anatomy through interactive 3D models.

The future looks bright as health professionals begin exploring all they can do with this technology.

Now, let’s dive into how the Vision Pro shapes our everyday reality.

The Vision Pro Dream vs. The Reality

12. The Vision Pro Dream vs. The Reality: Dive into the heart of expectations with Apple’s latest marvel—does the reality match the vision that’s been painted? We’re peeling back the layers to reveal if this headset is a true tech triumph or just another piece of future-framed fantasy.

Exploring the gap between expectations and actual user experience

When Apple announced the Vision Pro, customers dreamed of a headset that could do it all. They thought they would watch movies, play games, and dive into work with no trouble. The sleek design catches your eye right away.

Made from magnesium and carbon fiber, it shouts high-end tech.

But in real life, wearing the Vision Pro feels different. Some users say it’s like magic at first glance, but spend more time with it, and you’ll notice some limits. Sure, the picture looks fantastic, and the sound wraps around you.

But not every app works as smoothly as promised, and some folks find parts of their experience lacking depth or realism compared to what they hoped for based on Apple’s vision of the future of computing and entertainment shared during its grand reveal.

Pros and Cons of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is a high-tech reality headset with lots of features. Here are its pros and cons.

  • The Vision Pro offers an unmatched 3D immersive experience, making you feel like you’re really inside the game or movie.
  • Its spatial computing ability sets it apart from competitors, allowing for more natural interactions in virtual spaces.
  • The M2 processor and R1 coprocessor work together to deliver top-notch performance that keeps lag at bay.
  • With the Vision Pro, users enjoy high-quality pictures and sound, which Apple has always delivered.
  • Apple’s ecosystem integration means seamlessly using this headset with your other devices.
  • VisionOS brings a familiar yet unique software experience that taps into Apple’s vast app library.
  • Sitting at $3,499, the Vision Pro might quickly empty your wallet and add strain to your savings.
  • Some find the EyeSight display too dim, which can be annoying when getting lost in another world.
  • If you’re planning long gaming sessions or movie marathons, be warnedeye strain is accurate, and breaks are necessary with this headset.
  • Hand and eye tracking aren’t always spot on; they can miss the mark sometimes, which disrupts the flow of use.
  • Due to the precision technology behind its small displays, repairs or replacement parts could cost quite a bit.
  • Not everyone loves how Vision Pro looks or feels on their head – comfort can vary from person to person.

Conclusion: Is Apple Vision Pro Worth Your Savings?

Well, here is our Apple Vision Pro review. Buying the Apple Vision Pro depends on how much you value cutting-edge tech. It packs some severe features, like the high-res micro OLED display and spatial computing power.

If immersive experiences and being at the forefront of technology are your thing, it might be worth every penny. But remember, significant innovations often come with a hefty price tag. So, weigh your options carefully before diving into this advanced Apple gadget!

So, what do you think about Apple Vision Pro? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section down below!

FAQs of Apple Vision Pro Review

1. What’s the new Apple Vision Pro like?

The Apple Vision Pro is a headset that lets you watch movies, play games, and enjoy Apple’s immersive video. It feels like wearing a vision of the future on your head!

2. Is the Vision Pro better than headsets like the Meta Quest Pro?

Yes! Many people think the Vision Pro is the best for consumers. It has excellent features and works smoothly with all things Apple.

3. Can I use Apple services with this headset?

Sure thing! The Vision Pro runs on Vision OS, which hooks right into the Apple ecosystem—so you can jam to Apple music or play games from Apple Arcade.

4. How does setting up the Vision Pro work?

Setting up is simple—Apple designed it to be easy, so you won’t need much time with it before diving in.

5. Will I see my hands while using the Vision Pro?

Indeed, cameras built into this excellent tool can see your hands without needing controllers!

6. Where can I buy an Apple Vision Pro, and what comes included?

Head over to any Apple store—or find a place online where they sell them—and when you buy through our links, don’t forget about getting Apple care! Everything needed to make visions come alive will be in your box.

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