Sony’s Upgraded PS5 DualSense V2 Controller with Extended Battery Life Leaked

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, a controller is much more than an accessory—it becomes an extension of the gamer’s very essence. My odyssey through PlayStation’s rich array of accessories has been both expansive and revealing, taking me hands-on with each progression in Sony’s esteemed series.

Nowadays, there’s a buzz about a new entrant on the horizon: the DualSense V2. It’s stirring up excitement among gamers everywhere, suggesting upgrades that could revolutionize our play.

On first hearing, it might sound like wishful thinking—another iteration? But Sony does have a knack for fine-tuning its PS5 DualSense controllers in ways that deserve a second look.

The whispered-about V2 model is particularly intriguing—with chatter about it coming paired with its very own charging stand—and I’m here to unpack these rumors one detail at a time.

Get ready to join me on this exploration; we’re not just discussing button presses but rather how those clicks and clacks can elevate your gaming to new heights. Let’s jump right in.

DualSense V2 Leaked | * The Controller on the image above is from Sony’s website (current DualSense version, Metallic)

Key Takeaways

  • The new DualSense V2 controller for PS5 will have a longer battery life of up to 12 hours.
  • It’s lighter than the V1, weighing just 280g compared to the original’s 360g, which may make long gaming sessions more comfortable.
  • Sony plans to release the DualSense V2 in December 2023.
  • Improvements include refined textures and potentially backlit buttons for better design and usability.
  • Features like enhanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers aim to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

DualSense V2: What’s New?

Hey, gamers, I’ve got the scoop on the fresh-off-the-press DualSense V2 controller – there’s a buzz about some sweet upgrades you won’t want to miss. We’re talking tweaks and improvements that promise to amp up your gaming sessions with Sony’s latest magic wand for PlayStation 5.

Stay tuned; you’ll want to catch every detail of what’s in store.

Upgraded Battery Life

I just got wind of the new DualSense V2 controller. Let’s talk battery life—this thing is a beast! We’re looking at a solid 12 hours on a full charge. That means you can play way longer than before without worrying about your gear dying in the middle of an epic gaming session.

Now, the original controller had us charging pretty often, right? It gave us around 6 to 10 hours max. But with this V2 DualSense wireless controller, Sony’s stepped up their game.

Same price as before, but double the power? I’m all for that kind of upgrade! And let’s face it, not having to pause and plugin as much is going to keep us in action longer – so we can focus on playing instead of waiting for our controllers to charge up again.

Weight Differences

So, the new V2 DualSense for PlayStation 5 is lighter than the old one. The V1 tips the scales at 360g, but the fresh V2 version cuts that down to just 280g. Less weight means your hands won’t get as tired when you’re deep into gaming.

Now imagine playing with this sleek controller through an epic boss fight or a long race without feeling like you’re lifting weights. That’s what Sony’s aiming for – keeping us in the game longer and more comfy.

Next up, how do these two controllers stack up in looks? Let’s dive into their design differences!

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DualSense V1 Vs V2: Design Comparison

DualSense V2 Battery Life | * The Controller on the image above is from Sony's website (current DualSense version, Metallic)
DualSense V1 Vs V2: Design Comparison | * The Controller on the image above is from Sony’s website (current DualSense version, Metallic)

As a gamer myself, I’ve been eagerly keeping tabs on the evolution of the PS5’s controller. The anticipation around the DualSense V2’s release has had us all speculating on the design differences it’ll boast compared to its predecessor. Let’s dive into the aesthetics and ergonomics that differentiate these two pieces of gaming artistry.

FeatureDualSense V1DualSense V2
Color OptionsInitial white with black accentsNew colorways anticipated
TextureSubtle texture with PlayStation symbolsPotentially refined grip texture
ButtonsClear, translucent face buttonsThe possibility of backlit buttons hinted
LightsSignature lightbar integrationEnhanced lighting effects rumored
Overall ShapeErgonomic design with a bulkier handgripShape likely to remain similar for consistency
TouchpadA large, responsive touchpadExpected touchpad improvements for tactile feedback
Charging PortUSB-C port at the top centerUSB-C expected with potential placement adjustments

Delving into these details, you’ll notice that while the DualSense V1 set a high bar with its innovative features and sleek design, the buzz around the V2 suggests advancements and refinements across the board. The battle of aesthetics may not revolutionize the DualSense design language, but the tweaks could offer enough of a refresh to justify the excitement. Keep those thumbs limber, because it looks like the V2 will be just as much a joy to hold as its forerunner.

DualSense V1 Vs V2: Feature Comparison

Let’s dive deep into the heart of the matter – features. The showdown between DualSense V1 and V2 isn’t just about looks; it’s a battle of capabilities where nuances in haptics and adaptive triggers can define your gaming experience.


I’ve got to say, the buzz around haptics on the new DualSense V2 is pretty cool. The controller brings that real feel of action right into your hands. You’re playing a game and you can feel every hit, explosion, or rush of wind like it’s happening for real.

Plus, those adaptive triggers? They add an extra kick to gameplay; when you pull a bowstring or hit the brakes in a racing game, it feels so lifelike.

Sony nailed it with this tech on the original DualSense and they’re keeping it top-notch on the V2 version. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the standard model or splurging on the DualSense Edge—you get that same immersive experience either way.

Just imagine diving into your favorite game and having all those sensations amplified—it’s going to make every session epic!

Adaptive triggers

Moving from haptics, let’s talk about another cool feature – the adaptive triggers on the DualSense V2 controller. These triggers are a big upgrade from what we had before. They make your gaming moments feel more real.

Imagine you’re pulling back a bowstring or pressing down on the gas pedal in a racing game; with these new triggers, each action has its unique tension and resistance that matches what’s happening in the game.

Now, with V2, Sony takes it up a notch by making these triggers even better. Before, we only had pressure-sensitive ones for L2 and R2 on V1. But V2 gives us something extra special.

You’ll notice how different weapons and tools feel right under your fingertips because they react to what you do in-game. It’s like they’re alive! This will change how we play and enjoy our games – it makes every press of the trigger an adventure by itself!

DualSense V1 Vs V2: Performance and Battery Life

The new DualSense V2 is a game changer with its better battery life. You can play for up to 12 hours without worrying about charging. This is a big jump from the first DualSense, which gives you only about 7 to 8 hours max.

That means less time on the charging station and more time gaming.

Gamers like me always want our gear ready when we are. So, Sony made sure the V2’s battery wouldn’t let us down during those epic gaming marathons. With this long-lasting power, I can dive into my favorite worlds for longer stretches – feeling every pulse and shake of the haptic feedback without running out of juice too soon.

DualSense V2 Release Date

So, we’ve talked about the better battery and features. Now let’s get to when you can get your hands on the V2. Mark your calendars! Sony surprised us all by announcing that gamers could start buying the PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller in December 2023.

You might have spotted it online before then, thanks to that leak from Best Buy Canada. Keep an eye out, because once they hit the shelves, these controllers are going to fly off fast – especially with everyone buzzing about that exceptional 12-hour battery life.


The new DualSense V2 seems exciting, right? It promises better battery life and a fresh design. Keep an eye out for it—gaming with the PS5 could get even cooler. Can’t wait to see how it stacks up against the original when it hits shelves! Remember, whether you’re gaming on PC or PS5, these controllers are shaping our playtime.

Happy gaming!


1. What’s new with the Sony DualSense V2 controller?

Sony’s next DualSense V2 offers longer battery life — an exceptional 12 hours! Plus, it has a built-in microphone and easy click-in charging.

2. How is the PlayStation 5 DualSense V2 different from the V1?

The new PlayStation 5 controller comes with a better battery life than the original version, giving gamers up to 12 hours of playtime!

3. Can I charge the PS5 controller easily?

Yes! The new PS5 controller includes charging in its design — just pop it onto the DualSense charging station for a quick power-up.

4. Is there a big price difference between V1 and V2?

You might find that the newer model costs around CAD 89.99, which could be slightly more than what you’d pay for the existing model.

5. Will my old accessories work with this new version of the DualSense controller?

Most likely, yes – but keep an eye out; Sony may introduce some fresh PS5 accessory options too!

6. Where did we first see information about Sony’s upcoming release?

Spotted online: Best Buy Canada’s site gave us our first glimpse at this cool gamepad that promises even better gaming on your PlayStation 5.

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