iOS 17.2 What’s New: Journal App, Beta, Release Date

Like many fellow iPhone enthusiasts, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the shiny new features of iOS 17.2 – and let’s be honest, who could blame us? After testing the iOS 17.2 Beta we’ve discovered some new features including Journal App, Apple Music updates, and more. iOS 17.2 What’s New:

From your very own customized Journal app to jamming out together on Apple Music using collaborative playlists – our blog is here to lead you into what’s sizzling in iOS 17.2. Are you ready for an upgrade that’ll breathe fresh life into your digital world? Let’s jump right in!

iOS 17.2 What's New
iOS 17.2 What’s New: Journal App, Apple Music Updates, and More

Key Takeaways of iOS 17.2 What’s New:

  • iOS 17.2 has a new Journal app to write about daily life like in a diary.
  • The update also adds fun sticker reactions to iMessages and features for sharing music playlists in Apple Music.
  • For safety, there is now a key check for iMessage contacts and fast syncing of Messages through iCloud.
  • Improvements are made to the Apple TV app, making it easier to use.
  • Apple Journaling Suggestions On iPhone – What Is It? – How Do You Disable It?

iOS 17.2 What’s New?

In this latest update, iOS 17.2 brings exciting new features such as the introduction of the Journal app, sticker reactions in iMessage, and enhancements to Apple Music playlists.

Other additions include a listening history filter during focus, contact key verification for iMessage, tweaks to the Apple TV app, and Messages syncing with iCloud.

iOS 17.2 What’s New: Beta 1

Journal app introduction

The Journal app is a fresh addition to iOS 17.2. It’s like a personal space for you and us! We can jot down daily activities in it, similar to how we might write in a diary. Apple first showed this new tool at the WWDC 2023 event.

But right now, only those using the developer beta of iOS 17.2 can try it out. Soon, everyone will get their hands on it with the public release of iOS 17.2!

Translate action ability

In iOS 17.2, Apple brings a new feature named “Translate action ability“. This feature lets us talk or type in our language and then see the words in another tongue. It’s super useful for chatting with friends from different parts of the world.

Also, we can use it to learn new languages!

The Translate action tool works fast and is easy on the eyes too! We just pick our language and the one we want to translate into, then start talking or typing. In no time, we have the translation ready on screen! Now that’s what we call smart tech!

Sticker reactions in iMessages

You can now add fun to your chats in iMessages with sticker reactions. This exciting feature lets us send more than just text. We can share our feelings with cute and colorful stickers.

Want to show love or joy? Pick a heart or smiley face sticker! Are you mad or sad? Use an angry or tear drop sticker! It’s simple and quick, making every chat lively and full of emotion.

Collaborative Apple Music playlists

Now, we can all have fun with music. iOS 17.2 lets us build Apple Music playlists together. We just need to share a playlist link with our friends. After that, they can add their favorite songs too.

It’s easy and quick! This feature makes listening to music more social and exciting for all of us who love Apple Music!

Favorites Apple Music playlist

Our iOS 17.2 update brings a fun twist to Apple Music with the Favorites playlist feature. The playlist saves your top tracks in one place for easy access. Now, we can enjoy all our beloved songs without having to search for them each time.

It feels good knowing that our favorite tunes are just a tap away, ready to brighten our day or relax us before bed!

Listening history filter during focus

iOS 17.2 has a neat trick up its sleeve. They have added a filter for your music listening history while you focus on other tasks. This means the tunes you play won’t disrupt your workflow.

It keeps track of what songs you hear and when.

The new feature is very handy if you love to listen to Apple Music while focusing on work or study. Now, it’s easier than ever to find that song that was playing in the background as you worked away! You don’t need to stop what you’re doing just to save a song because iOS 17.2 will remember it for you.

Contact key verification for iMessage

We can now check keys for iMessage contacts. This is a new feature in iOS 17.2. It helps keep our chats safe and private. We see a tiny lock if the key check passes, which means we are talking to the right person.

It’s Apple’s way of making sure no one else reads our messages. Get ready to enjoy safer messaging with this update!

Messages in iCloud syncing

We are making changes to how Messages sync with iCloud in iOS 17.2. Now, when you get a new device, all your messages will show up faster. You won’t lose any chats even if your phone gets lost or broken.

Your old and new messages will be safe in iCloud, ready for you!

Tweaks to the Apple TV app

The Apple TV app has some small changes in iOS 17.2. It is now easier to find and watch your favorite shows or movies. The menus are cleaner and faster to use. In the new search box, you type less and find more.

This makes our time with the Apple TV app more fun!

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iOS 17.2 What’s New: Beta 1 Features

iOS 17.2 Beta
iOS 17.2 What’s New: Beta Released

The latest iOS 17.2 Beta 1 brings numerous advantages, from improved organization through the Journal App to enhanced communication with sticker reactions in iMessages, making it a strong contender for your next software update.

iOS 17.2 What’s New: Journal App

An improved organization with the Journal app

The Journal app on iOS 17.2 makes us more tidy. We can write down our daily tasks in it just like a diary. It helps us not to forget what we have to do and stay focused on our goals.

Using this new tool, we are always aware of the things that matter to us each day. The Journal app is easy to use and very helpful to keep track of our busy lives!

Enhanced communication with sticker reactions

We’re happy to share that iOS 17.2 brings a fun twist to iMessages with sticker reactions! Now, instead of just text replies, we can use colorful stickers. This makes chats more lively and exciting.

With one tap, we can respond to any message using a sticker reaction. It’s an easy and playful way for us to talk with our friends and family on iMessage!

How to Download and Install iOS 17.2 Beta 1

Getting the iOS 17.2 Beta 1 on your device is not hard. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Apple’s Developer website.
  2. Make an account if you don’t have one.
  3. Log in with your Apple ID.
  4. Click “Enroll Your Devices.”
  5. Back up your iPhone data.
  6. Download the iOS 17.2 beta profile.
  7. Install it on your device.
  8. Restart your device so the change can take effect.
iOS 17.2 What’s New: Journal App

Latest Updates on iOS 17 2 Release

The release date for iOS 17.2 is not yet set. We think it will come out by the end of November or early December. The new Journal app will be in this update. This app was first shown at WWDC 2023 and lets users log their daily activities, like a diary.

Right now, only developers can use the Journal app in the beta version of iOS 17.2.

There are more new features in iOS 17.2 besides the Journal app that we don’t know about yet because it’s only been released as a developer beta so far. Soon there may also be a public beta version for all users to try before its official release on Apple devices.

Key Takeaways from iOS 17.2 Beta 1

There are some cool things to love about iOS 17.2 Beta 1! The new Journal app lets you keep track of your day. Newsticker reactions jazz up your iMessages. Better yet, you can now create and share music playlists with your friends on Apple Music. Syncing messages through iCloud also got better. The updates bring fun and useful tools for everyone to enjoy!

How the Journal App Works

Let’s dive into how the Journal App works. This app is a digital diary for your day-to-day life. You can log all that you do in it. It was first shown at WWDC 2023 and we expect to see it later this year.

Now, only people with iOS 17.2 Beta can use this app, but soon everyone will have access to it! The App acts like a real diary – let’s say you went on a trip, had dinner at a fancy place, or even hung out with friends – whatever event it was, just type it into the Journal App so you won’t forget about them! In this way, you’ll always have something to look back on from each day!

Enhancements to Messages and Music

We’ve made some cool changes to Messages and Music. Now you can use sticker reactions in iMessages for fun chats. Your music listening gets better too. We added a feature for making playlists with your friends on Apple Music.

Do you want only your favorite songs? There’s a special playlist for that now. And if you want to focus, you can filter out the music history that doesn’t fit your mood! Also, we thought about security as well – check if someone is real before they message you with contact key verification! Don’t worry about losing important messages anymore, iCloud will keep them safe and sound.

Ever wished to tweak the Apple TV app? We’ve done something there too, but let’s talk about that later! Enjoy these fresh features in iOS 17.2 while we work hard to give you even more amazing stuff soon!

Widget Changes and Apple TV App Tweaks

There are changes to both widgets and the Apple TV app in iOS 17.2. Widgets now have new sizes and better color options. It’s easier to see your info at a glance! The Apple TV app is also improved.

You can now find shows faster with updates to the search tool!

No more endless scrolling for your favorite show or movie! Quick browsing tools make it easy to pick what you want fast. Enjoy these cool updates on your iPhone or iPad soon!

Contact Poster Additions and Memoji Body Type Options.

Apple’s new iOS 17.2 is full of cool stuff. One new thing is a “Journal App”. You can use this app like a diary to mark your daily tasks. This feature was first shown at the WWDC 2023 event and will come out later in the year.

The iOS 17.2 also lets you do things with stickers in texts. Now, you can show what you feel by using sticker reactions on iMessage chats! That makes chatting more fun.

Making music playlists with friends is now an easy job thanks to iOS 17.2! Plus, there’s a button for the playlist of your favorite songs as well as being able to sort through song history when focused.

Apple has been working on making sure that their text message service, iMessage, works better than before with key checks for who sends them and syncing messages across iCloud.

It came out recently that iOS users are taking part in checking out the beta version of iOS 17.2 before it becomes available for all Apple product users—these tests reveal if there are any issues or if any changes need making!

We don’t yet know when exactly we’ll get our hands on this update but we’re told it should be late November or early December.

One neat action addition allows people to translate languages easily which helps us chat with different people from around the world without worries about translation problems!

Lastly, tweaks were made to how icons look on Apple TV apps along with Memoji having more body types for showing off who you are!

Moving forward let’s see how these features change our lives once they’re set free into the world.

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Apple also released the iOS 17.3 Beta after the full release of the iOS 17.2 update. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. iOS 17.3 What’s New


We discussed iOS 17.2 and what’s new. Apple’s iOS 17.2 will bring new tools and fun to your iPhone. It is ready for testing now, with exciting features like the Journal app. This update should land on phones by late November or early December.

The wait for the iOS 17.2 release date won’t be long!

FAQs about iOS 17.2 What’s New

1. What are the new features of iOS 17.2?

iOS 17.2 offers novel features like the Journal App and upgrades to Apple Music.

2. What is the Journal App and When is Coming Out?

The Journal app is in iOS 17.2 new features list and is a new tool for users to keep track of their daily events, thoughts, and goals on their iPhone devices. The Journal app will be released with iOS 17.2 update.

3. When will iOS 17.2 be released?

The release date for IOS 17.2 has not been set yet, but it’s expected to be released in late November 2023!

4. When can I test out these changes with a beta version?

iOS 17.2 Beta is out and you can now download iOS 17.2 Beta on your iPhone.

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  1. I look forward to iOS 17.2 the public release and all of its features and changes
    I hope it comes out by the of next month instead of early December

    Billy Scott

    • Thanks for the comment Billy! I really hope to get iOS 17.2 and it’s new features before December too. I guess we’ll wait and see what Apple does!


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